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Mr Green understands that being a gentleman is more than being just a man, and more than just wearing a suit. A true gentleman knows that appearance is just a minor part of the whole package. Body language and an undeniable presence is the difference between a man… and a Gentleman. Mr Green is also model of civility, respect, honour and personal responsibility. Humble, he will always extend a hand to those in need. Mr Green lives by a code of gentlemanly principles, able to keep cool in all types of situations, Mr Green is ethical and a symbol of integrity, always following through with commitments no matter the cost. A lifelong learner, Mr Green embraces a love of the arts with an educated hunger for knowledge, always maintaining the perfect balance between etiquette, ambition and chivalry.

About you – The Green Gamers

So, why is Mr. Green including a section about YOU? Quite simply, he wouldn’t be here without you, the green gamers! Your enthusiasm, your drive, your ambitions and your entertainment, are why Mr. Green wakes up in the morning. He can say that without a doubt, Mr Green players are the single best community of players on this planet. Smart, ambitious, imaginative and adventurous, the community of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen gamers know that Casino is more than just gambling, it’s a form of entertainment. A chance to relax and enjoy some “me-time”, and of course, be rewarded with that life-changing experience.